Tips to create an origami lampshade

To make this paper lamp, I was inspired by the oriental art of folding paper and its principles. It sounds complicated, I know, but do not worry, we’ll make a chandelier and not a crane.


cardboard – 1 sheet of 50 x 140 cm or 2 of 50 x 70 cm
bulb and lampholders

The first step consists in making parallel vertical lines, 5 cm apart from each other. I advise you to take measurements on the paper from both margins.
Once the measurements are taken, we draw the vertical lines. I used an awl to facilitate the folding of the cardboard.
Fold the accordion card.
Flip the sheet to make the diagonal lines. We begin by pointing the pencil at the center of the cardboard (25 centimeters), from where the first lines will be drawn.
We make the diagonal lines directly with the awl. Keep in mind that there are 20 centimeters from one end to the other.
We do it in one sense and another and then we bend them both.
If we used 2 cards of 50 x 70 centimeters, now is the time to paste them. In order to adhere perfectly you will have to join the last 10 centimeters of each end.
We begin to bend the lamp to give it the desired shape. Look carefully at the image and be patient because the card, although it is a resistant material, can break.
We fold it completely. In the picture you can see how it will look when folded.
The next step is to make the holes to pass the thread. We’ll do one every 5 centimeters.
Insert the string into the holes.
We close the lamp, but not completely, and insert the bulb with the lamp holder.
Once put in, close and tie. To keep it fixed to the lamp, I advise you to resort again to the string.