Make a lamp with the recycling of a descendant of rainwater

Upcycling of an old descendant of rainwater:

Here’s how we did to make an ecodesign lamp with the upcycling of an old metal square tube, a descendant of rainwater, recovered from the accumulated waste from the renovation of the house.

After having cleaned the old metal pipe thoroughly, we stripped it off by removing the old brown paint that covered it. To avoid the formation of rust we protected it with two layers of transparent varnish.
This done we created the base for our lamp echo using an old axis
wood always derived from construction by cutting and obtaining a square 25 × 25 cm.

At the center of the square we made a hole up to half the thickness of the wooden axis and a side hole up to intersect the perpendicular, all this to pass the electrical cable that had to power the light bulb.

Once the base was created, we made alternate cuts along the entire metal pipe, at a distance of about 8 cm from each other, then we slightly bent the pipe near the cuts.

To fix the iron pipe at the base of the lamp we cut a wooden cube of the same
internal measurement of the metal tube and we fixed it to the wooden base.

At this point we stuck the metal pipe to the wooden cube and we fixed it with two screws. Here is our “tangram” ecodesign lamp.