Lamp diy Lego and wood bricks

The passion for recovery and for do-it-yourself has given life to a new project. It took an idea to mask the signs of the time of an old wooden beam and the light bulb turned on when the eye stopped on the box containing the precious childhood relics, hidden in a thousand junk, in fact a classic was hidden time, the only object that could repair and recolor the eroded corners of that stub which was about to be abandoned: the precious Lego bricks.

LegOn is born from a union of passions: the reworking of junk that seems destined to destruction and those colored bricks that allow the imagination of every age to “create”.

What are bricks for? To build, and in this project the concept used was just this: rebuild and repair a wooden trunk with the bricks of childhood. And finally, like any good idea, it can not miss its main element, a light bulb.

Two conceptually different projects have been created, LegOn City and LegOn Wow, let’s discover them:

With LegOn City we wanted to build a city with a lot of river, waterfall, hydroelectric plant, pond, buildings and the inevitable source of life, the light! But how do you light a lamp of a recovery and recycling lamp? Obviously thanks to the help of the waterfall! In fact, the rock in the middle of the waterfall hides a power button that will “activate” the central unit at the top and which will provide the energy needed to turn on the futuristic light bulb! And like any self-respecting green city, in addition to the energy produced naturally, you can not miss a green area with a pond for relaxation and to fantasize about a new construction!