How to make a geometric lampshade with straws

The cage lamps with geometric shapes dominate the scene for a couple of years, in the homes and on the decoration catalogs, but I, instead of spending money on something that will soon go out of fashion, I prefer to make industrial-style lampshades from me. If you think like me try to make this hexagonal lamp, ideal for decorating a modern living room. I have chosen this form but nothing prevents you from experiencing that of a diamond.

If you like the idea, look at our tutorial that shows you how to make a ceiling lamp with straws step by step. I made it with colored straws, easier to distinguish once you have cut the necessary lengths. If you’re feeling skilled enough, you can use the black straws directly. The important thing is that they are cocktail straws, which are thicker and more resistant. What are you waiting for?


cocktail straws
ruler and scissors
bulb and lampholders
thin thread
black felt or eva rubber