How to make a DIY concrete lamp in just a few hours

We present you how to make a DIY concrete lamp in just a few hours and with little effort. Give free rein to your creativity and your individualism!

We have repeatedly seen them on Instagram & co. It is therefore time to realize our own cement lamp.  And if you follow the basic rules of working with electricity, it’s not even dangerous!

List of material
Cement (we used 2 kg for a lamp)
Polystyrene wine shelf
Latex gloves
Protective sheet
Insulating adhesive tape
E27 lampholder
Textile cable / extension
E27 LED bulb
Machinery / tools
Mason’s trowel
Stripping pliers
Side-cutting cutter
Screwdriver (slotted)

Describing the individual phases of work in a precise way is a bit difficult, but you can follow the images step by step. Make sure to perform the electrical installation carefully. In case of doubt, we advise you to contact an expert electrician. Together it’s easier!

For our concrete lamp we used a textile extension cord. But the procedure is almost the same even when using another type of cable. First of all it is necessary to cut the cable socket using the lateral cutter. Make sure you cut the correct end. Then the textile coating is turned back about 3 cm and fixed with a piece of insulating adhesive tape. Now these 3 cm of the cable lining can be removed, leaving the three wires still exposed.

Cut around 1 cm of the insulation of all three wires with the peeling forceps and, with your fingers, slightly bend each of the exposed wires. Then insert the cable into the back of the lamp holder.

Now the individual wires are fixed in the right place on the base of the lamp holder. The yellow-green wire (ground wire) in the middle, the brown wire (phase) on the left and the blue (neutral) wire on the right. After fixing, the base can be pulled towards the lower part of the lamp holder, on which the upper part is then screwed.

Once the base is mounted, we verify that everything has been assembled correctly. To do this, screw a light bulb and connect the plug to the electrical socket. If the bulb lights up, it means that everything is fine. Disconnect the plug from the socket and unscrew the bulb.

To prevent the cement from entering the lamp holder, it is necessary to insulate the lamp carefully. The best way to do this is to use a good amount of insulating tape. Also the upper part of the lamp holder, ie where the light bulb will be screwed, must be carefully insulated. In this case the rule applies: «the more adhesive tape, the better».