Diy: Lamps at no cost!

Do you want to put the satisfaction of creating an object with your hands? Today, we want to talk about how to make a DIY lamp. A table lamp, or a suspension, which starts from commonly used materials: paper, cardboard, wood. Or, a lamp that comes from the logic of recycling, using old cups or old hydraulic pipes. Or, again, a DIY lamp in the name of art, which takes life from one or more origami. What are you waiting for? Try yourself with a DIY lamp!

A simple do-it-yourself lamp, perfect for the kitchen or the dining room, is the one that features old cups. A very useful idea to recycle the unmatched cups! With an old cup you can create romantic candles, pouring the hot wax into it while holding the fuse vertically. Or you can bundle them together, and turn them into a chandelier. Or, again, you can create a delicate suspension from the single cup: just a small hole (on the cup and also on the saucer, if you want to use it), let the wire go through it and – on the opposite side – the bulb holder. And your kitchen will be extraordinary!

One of the most used materials for a DIY lamp is paper, a material that lends itself to a thousand interpretations. With paper you can make papier-mâché, the soul of the Globe suspension of Crea-Re Studio, created with destroyed printed paper, then crumbled and then transformed into a malleable mass from which semi-spherical forms come to life. With the paper of medium-sized cups you can make spherical suspensions, with a simple sheet of cardboard the hat of a romantic DIY lamp, to be engraved with a cutter creating small shapes of hearts, flowers or butterflies. Or, with paper, you can make simple decorations to be applied to an old lampshade, to give it a whole new life.